Burger King — The Return of the Great BURGER King

Twitter user Jon Cooper says “The Return of the Great BURGER King ”

Twitter user Oliver Jia (オリバー・ジア) says “They’ve released new sandwiches at Burger King over here as part of their new “Big Mouth” series, proving that Japa… ”

Twitter user David Axelrod says “As a runaway kid, author @ShakaSenghor fell in w/ a drug dealer. On #AxeFiles he explained why. “Hetook me to Burge… ”

Twitter user Big Swole 💪🏾 says “Wait like he’s alive; y’all gonna take him to Burger King too? ”

Twitter user Ken Plume says “Etiquette! Undersea aliens! @JamesGunn-ing! SUICIDE SQUADing up! Beardy torture! King Sharking! Pumpkin carvery! PE… ”

Twitter user Manchester News MEN says “We went to McDonald’s, Five Guys and Burger King on Piccadilly Gardens and the winner was a no-brainer via… ”

Twitter user Comedy Central Stand-Up says “.@NILES100 had a box cutter pulled on him in a Burger King.

Watch the full set: ”

Twitter user Jon Erlichman says “Google’s first investment in 1998 was a check for $100,000.

They couldn’t deposit it because they hadn’t set up a… ”

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